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Sinks that inspire great living spaces

Discover original Copper kitchen sinks, Copper farmhouse sinks, Copper bathroom sinks & Copper vessel sinks, Free shipping. Buy online or by phone.

CopperSinks.Com from Mexican Sink Concepts has being created to offer to our friends, construction contractors, designers and home owners worldwide a great selection of products, you can choose from copper sinks like copper vessel sinks, gorgeous copper kitchen sinks in many styles, double, single or triple farmhouse sinks ... even copper bar sinks designed to reflect your lifestyle, each are hand hammered to perfection!. All our products are lead free. If you have a more earthy appetite and for a traditional feel, check our wide selection of beautiful Mexican talavera sinks, & a wide Mexican tile selection. Our talavera ceramic hand painted sinks are created by most skilled artisans in Mexico. We also offer tin mirrors, drains to fit our sinks and more!

Our inventory is the largest you can find, find your ideal sink, we have different finishes, sinks for any room in your home.

It is very easy to buy from us, either online or by phone we will try to make the process easy and pleasant, when you buy any product over $95.00 we ship your order for free inside the USA or Canada.

New Vessel sinks collection

Vessel sinks are the best way to make your bathroom sink a focal point, we also have a large catalog of copper vessel sinks to choose.

Custom your sink

One advantage of copper sinks is that can be customized, do you need a special size?, an engraved design? we can do it.

Custom your sink, normally not extra cost, the price just depends of the material needed.

We hope you enjoy the site and that you find the ideal sink for your project. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy the site!.

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Stone sinks

Top 5 Copper Kitchen Sinks   Top 5 Copper Bathroom Sinks
Copper farmhouse sink - two colors Copper Sink
Copper kitchen sink   Copper Bathroom Sink
Colonial Hammered Copper Farmhouse Sink   Oval Copper Bathroom Sink
Apron sink 60/40 with towel bar   Copper Bath Sink
Triple Bowl Hammered Copper Kitchen Sink   Engraved Bathroom Sink

Free ground ship to USA and Canada

standard kitchen sinkStandard kitchen sink
Price: $1,029.00

copper farmhouse sinkCopper Farmhouse Sink
Price: $1,699.00

Copper kitchen sink -Double bowl 60/40 -VeniceCopper Kitchen Sink
Price: $1,199.00

Double Bowl 60/40 Hammered Copper Apron Farmhouse SinkCopper Farmhouse Sink
Price: $1,385.00

Intricate Design Hammered Copper Apron Farm SinkFarm Sink Engraved
Price: $1,359.00

Oval Copper Bathroom Sink rope lipCopper Bathroom Sink
Price: $319.00

Copper Bathroom sink -rounded lipTraditional Copper Bathroom sink.
Price: $155.00

Large Copper Veggie-Bar Sink with Drain in One SideLarge Bar Sink
Price: $325.00

Small Smooth Copper Kitchen/bar SinkSmooth Copper Kitchen Sink
Price: $625.00

Square Antique Hammered Copper Bar SinkSquare Copper Bar Sink
Price: $465.00

Mexican Talavera Vessel SinkTalavera Vessel Sink
Price: $295.00

Copper Vessel SinkCopper Vessel Sink
Price: $329.00


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