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Copper Kitchen Sink Installation Types



This style of sink features a finished edge or raised rim around the outside and can be dropped into any custom countertop

  • Most common type of sink (along with undermount sinks).
  • Simplest type of sink to install.
  • Can be replaced without destroying the countertop.
  • Can have one, two, or even three bowls, as needed.
  • The raised lip that sits between the counter surface and the sink makes it more difficult to clean up spills and crumbs.
  • All the Drop-in sinks, Veggie-Bar and Apron Sinks with flat rims can be installed as undermount sinks, too.

A style of kitchen sink that is positioned under the cutout of the countertop and attached to its underside. The rim of the sink is covered by the countertop, so only the inside of the basin is visible. This sink sits slightly below the surface of the countertop.

  • Most common type of sink (along with drop in sinks).
  • Offers a smooth profile with solid-surface countertops, making cleaning easy.
  • Have a clean, distinctive look.
  • Can have one, two, or even three bowls, as needed.
  • Though a bit more difficult and time-consuming to install than drop in sinks, they offer a more integrated look.
  • Additional installation hardware, which is easy to find at most plumbing or hardware stores, such as mounting clips and silicone, may be required to complete the installation.
  • All drop-in, veggie & bar, and apron sinks with flat rims can be installed as undermount sinks.
  • Undermounting sinks are used most often with stone or solid-surface countertops, and not with laminate countertops, because the edge of the countertop is left exposed by undermounting.


Veggie sinks are used in the kitchen to scrub and prepare vegetables. A Bar Sink is used in a bedroom, den, or other area of the house where a small sink is needed.

  • May be installed as undermount or drop in sinks.



Apron sinks have a stylish panel featured in the front, which is exposed. Normally installed as undermount sinks, apron sinks are often referred to as farmhouse sinks because they are reminiscent of period-style kitchens. The unique design of these sinks may require custom made cabinetry.

  • Can have one, two, or even three bowls, as needed.
  • Can be installed as undermount or tile in sinks.


A single bowl sink has one large basin. Commonly seen as a veggie & bar sink or a second sink in a kitchen island, it is the best sink for washing a lot of large pots and pans.

  • Allows the flexibility of washing larger items in a single large bowl.
  • Smaller version are good for use in locations without a lot of space.


Double bowl sinks are the most common sink configuration in today’s kitchens. You can either have two bowls of the same size or one can be larger than the other.

  • The double bowl system is very versatile and allows more than one person to be at the sink.


A triple bowl sink usually has two larger bowls on the sides and one smaller bowl in the center for garbage disposal.

  • Triple bowls sinks provide a lot of versatility in the kitchen.  There is enough space so that two or even three people can work around the sink.

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