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Copper is a metal, it is non-porous, and it will not stain in the traditional sense of the word. However, copper will obtain a patina, which is a chemical change that causes the metal to change color. Most of our copper finishes are accelerated patinas. Read the guide below for tips on cleaning and maintaining copper sinks.

Copper is more sanitary than most other basin materials, since copper is a natural antibacterial product. Science has shown that bacteria can live for days on a stainless steel surface, but for only a matter of hours on copper. Copper is non-porous and very resistant.


The way to keep your copper lovely is to keep it clean. For basic cleaning, simply use a mild soap and water. Other cleaners are not necessary.

If you have hard water in your area, we recommend keeping your sink dry by wiping it down periodically with a soft cloth. For extra protection, a product such as “Renaissance Wax” may be applied to the copper surface periodically. This seal will help maintain the luster of a copper sink and provide better water runoff.


Maintenance by Finish:

Black patina, brown patina and aged copperfinish: We recommend that you use just soap and water. Be careful with toothpaste and remove the residue in order to avoid the patina from being eaten away. If an acidic product, such as toothpaste, ketchup, lemon, or orange juice removes some of the patina, do not worry - the patina will return over time.


Natural copper: We recommend that you use just soap and water. The natural copper sinks will get a naturally medium patina over time and will look even more beautiful. However, if you want the sink’s finish to look like new for longer, you can periodically wax the bowl with Renaissance Wax.


Polished and matte polished copper : These finishes will require the most maintenance and are the only sinks on which copper cleaners may be used to maintain their shiny appearance. We recommend letting these sinks dry after use, or at least once every week, and using a copper cleaner every 6 months to 1 year, depending on use.


Nickel finish: These finishes are not like stainless steel and will gradually patina over time. Most common metal cleaners can be used to brighten the finish periodically. As with an unfinished copper, you can use a wax or protective sealant to reduce the maintenance required.


Do not use corrosives such as chlorine or concentrated vinegar, abrasive cleaners, citric acids like lemon or orange juice, or harsh chemicals. These substances may remove the patina finish of a copper sink. However, if an acidic product removes some of the patina, do not worry - the patina will return over time.



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