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Deeply rich and colorful, Mexico's vibrant culture has a spirit that soaks itself into the folk-art tradition. Mexicans’ ancestors have had a talent for art and color since pre-Hispanic times. Notable examples of pre-Hispanic art include the Olmecs' hand carved monumental stone heads, the early Paradise of Tláloc murals at Teotihuacán, and the Mayan murals at Bonampak in Chiapas.


Mexican ancestors’ creativity has also been expressed through the metals crafts, since Pre-Columbians times The Purépecha Indians of Michoacán have fabricated tools, weapons, and jewelry with copper. When Europeans arrived in the 15th century, Father Vasco de Quiroga introduced a few refinements, and the Purepecha began to combine Spanish metal techniques with their own traditional methods.


Perhaps no one has achieved such diversity of form and decoration in ceramics as the Mexicans. In fact, some experts believe ceramics have been the greatest of all pre-Hispanic crafts: The ancient Maya, Totonac, and Aztec people were all gifted potters.


Talavera pottery became the Mexican variation of the Spanish majolica ware originally produced in Talavera de la Reina and other Spanish cities. The indigenous artisans applied their ideas to the Spanish pottery to create a unique style.


Today, Mexico’s culture has survived the centuries. Mexican artisans have received worldwide acclaim for their creativity within their work in both the folk and classical traditions. Mexico boasts a great variety of handicrafts. Every region of the country, indeed almost every state, produces its own forms of popular art.


Please take a look of the brief history we have provided of hammered copper, and the unique Talavera style, and discover the heritage our master artisans have in their hands.


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